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Just heard from one of the staff here that they're shutting the soft play for good. Too many complaints from parents apparently ! 

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I'm childless but have seen it. What were the complaints about our of interest? 

I didn't get details, but I suspect they were the usual health and safety related ones. 

I hope that’s not right. The play area could definitely do with some tweaks but it’s a great place to get a coffee and for the kids to have fun- i think it would be a real shame if they shut that area.

That’s a shame. I talked to a member of staff when the bouncy castle deflated onto the little ones and they just ignored me though - said no one else had said anything. I wasn’t complaining - I was trying to help make it safe and fun. It was great at the beginning with the toys and space but then they started adding in loads of things that cramped up the space, made it hard for parents to supervise, and were inappropriate for the range of ages and numbers of children. I haven’t been in ages - I just found it far too stressful! 

Same - I actually emailed them over a year ago just to say how much I appreciated having that to take my son to on the weekends, but that if they could make a couple of small changes, it would make a world of difference, and the owner/manager came back to say he appreciated my feedback, and they were going to fix the walls (lots of plaster everywhere), and that they would try to update some of the toys as they were all really dirty/broken etc. And there were bolts sticking out of the wooden plaything etc.

The ballpit was always split. But... about a year after that, I emailed again a few months ago and then got no response... and then went in there about a month ago I went in with my family and there was a light flashing like a strobe light in the kids area, and I mentioned it to the staff who could not have cared less. They said they would come around and look at it... so I waited about 10mins... nothing, so went to ask them and they said they were super busy (there were three other people in the whole place at the time) so we just left and went to Snug which really is amazing.

I emailed them again to just say I wasn't happy about that, and they haven't responded. I went back last week to meet a friend there, and a different light was flashing, still plaster all over the place, and dirty/broken toys etc. And I mentioned the light to another parent who said they'd told staff and been told 'It should stop in about half an hour.' I doubt they'll close the play area and refurb it and open it again. Assuming they'll just extend the bar...

That's  totally unacceptable. I'm not a fan of sharing my coffee space with children but if Beans and Barley are going to try to attract customers by having a play area they have a duty of care towards them. 

Exactly... I always said (not to them) that if they want the business of people with children, and therefore have a softplay... at least maintain it! Otherwise, close it. Seems they went with the latter.

Indeed, John, I'm not a fan of sharing my coffee space with anyone, least of all under a sign so twee as 'Beans & Barley'.  Now that Dr Johnson is in his place, however, may we hope that he soon finds his Boswell (a Harringay Scot, preferably) and repairs with his friends - Burke, Gibbon, Garrick, Goldsmith, Reynolds and the like - to The Turk's Head Tavern at Harringay where a tolerably child-free coffee may be enjoyed over the papers.  

The original owners sold the business. I don't remember exactly when, but I do wonder if that explains the change in the style of reaction you had to your emails. 

Yeah - wondered if that could've been the case - that they may have run it well, looked after the kids area, sold it... then whoever took it over didn't care! Oh well - good news for Snug then, they'll have to extend theirs now!

It's probably worth noting just how disliked parents of young children are across the retail spectrum.

Demanding, precious, entitled, and generally quite rude.

I have little doubt that the staff and owners of Beans and Barley will be hugely relieved now that they've removed their 'complaint pit'. 

I think you can be all those things and not have young children. 



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