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Flourishing Bay tree (c 6ft. tall but very easy to prune) free to anyone who is able to come and take it away.

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Hi Bridget

If the tree is still available, I would love to have it.  I have sent a connection invite.


Great! When are you free?

I've sent a private message.


Leane no longer wants this so it is still available if anyone wants it.

Hi there, could I relieve you of this? Whereabouts are you located?

I'm on Hewitt Rd.. One down side is that it will need digging up.


Hmm, I'm not sure of the root spread and depth of a bay tree that size, so I think I'll pass to the next person!

I'm also interested!

Are you still interested, despite the fact it will need digging up? Don't worry if you're not as I have someone else who is happy to have it, but wanted to check with you first.

Hi Bridget

Is the tree still available? We could come to dig it up on Saturday. It would look great in our garden!

Kind regards

As I have not heard from Leslie, I am very happy for you to come and dig up the bay tree on Saturday. I can't remember how to do this, but I think if you ask me to be a contact, I can let you know my address without the whole world knowing!



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