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We are looking for a builder to convert our toilet and bathroom into one room with new fittings.

Apologies if there are details of these on the Tradesmen page but I couldn't find any posts that were recent. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Decoracus has just completed the same for us this week and has done a fantastic job. It makes such a difference incorporating the two spaces into one room. 

Shemek manages a team and is very good to deal with. They have a website where you can find their contact details.

Do you have any photos of the project? Our two rooms are so tired and old, cant wait to open them out and have a brand new bathroom!

I can email you pictures if you send me a connection request.

Hi Nicholas - We are looking into doing something similar. Would you be able to share the pictures with me as well. Thanks

Thanks, have given them a call and they are coming to quote next week.

We alway get Khris Bierc 079 8199 5001 to do work for us. He is a plumber but can do anything.

Hello Con,

I would like to renovate my bathroom. I guess you have done yours with Kris, right? Any chance you can share some pics?  

Many thanks, Valentine.

Hi Valenite, 

We sacrificed the bathroom for a loft conversion... 

I am sure Kris has photos of his work if you need them... You should contact him, if he takes you on he won't let you down.


Charlie Of CAJ plumbing 07710043110 did a great job on our bathroom we kept the toilet seperate but did make the bathroom bigger new walls etc. good value, tidy and good quality.

I had my bathroom designed and fitted by emerald tiling.

Gary was a pleasure to have around and help out in so many different ways.

Our bathroom is like a posh hotel bathroom with clean lines and neat finish.

He has a website www.emeraldtiling.com to view work done and knows all the guys in the stores to get grate discounts.

hope you find this useful

Thanks Mick will check this out. Decoracus are very busy and holiday during the summer so wouldn't be able to start work until November so I am definitely looking for other quotes. 

We used Mark Havelock (079 2851 6575). He's a plumber and bathroom specialist/builder and he did an amazing bathroom for us. He's a perfectionist at tiling and has great design ideas. For any electric work, he has mates to do that who are very good. Our bathroom and shower look like a hotel bathroom!

I bought a bathroom suite etc from www.aandrplumbing.net which is a shop in Enfield. They have all the bathroom brochures so can get anything you want plus tiles. I found it better for me to buy my bathroom stuff from a shop rather than online as if you change your mind on something, you can easily exchange.



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