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Couldn't resist posting this photo of Grand Parade in the snow. I took it about 20 years ago, possibly more. Barnabys was a wonderful Greek Cypriot bakery, where I used to bump into Cypriots from all over London coming all this way to do their shopping here. The Old Suffolk punch was a wetherspoon, but it was the "posher" pub on the parade before the Salusbury got renovated. It was actually a very chilled place to meet a friend for a quiet drink and catch up.

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Halcyon days! you could still get a meal and a beer all night in those days. Perfect way to finish off a nights clubbing before home and bed, followed by a hangover curing afternoon in Mariella's. Still nowhere as chilled on green lanes now.
It was (If I can recall correctly) located somewhere between Iceland and cafe lemon, on that side of the road. The shop/cafe front was hand painted Up to dado level (about 3 feet) with windows above. Inside was a lot of miss matched tables and chairs with a large coffee table and a couple of saggy/ tired sofas. The kitchen was at the back and a bar on the right hand side about half way down.
The food was kind of 'European ' in style ( I have fond memories of deep fried Brie with a sort of raspberry sauce starter)
The lighting was what you'd call' subdued' ( you couldn't walk in with sun glasses on or you'd trip over one of the tables) the whole feel was quite bohemian and I guess you'd now say shabby chic.
Mariella herself was Italian and really lovely, she closed down when the landlords put up the rent. She wasn't convinced that green lanes would ever go upmarket.
I often wondered if she ever opened up somewhere else.
Anyway a great refuge on a weekend with a banging head.

What was Barnaby's?

OK, thanks, Pav.

Remember the Old Suffolk Punch well - a very long and thin pub! One of the first Weatherspoons in the country someone said. Also the only Weatherspoons that i've known to close.

Anyone remember the Silver Lady pub on West Green Road from the same era? - that was an 'interesting' place, but great for late night drinking.

That was the original "Old Suffolk Punch". They then extended into what is now "Ladbrokes". It was very tatty and smelt like "The Toll Gate" by the time it finally closed. A man called Larry used to organise a draw to raise money for training guide dogs every Sunday.

I was never in, but remember, "The Silver Lady". I was surprised when I discovered it was owned by The St. John Vianney's church. Good for "bible classes" on a Sunday morning I believe.

I miss the Suffolk, I use to go in there on a Friday and Saturday evening for a couple of drinks and relax in the quite atmosphere before heading to the sailsbury for a late nighter

It was a great pub. We used to call it the 'mouse poo pub' as the kitchen's hygiene left quite a lot to be desired, as evidenced by furry friends inhabiting the back area! But it was friendly and inexpensive.

I am going to propose that the date is January 1986. I think there was snow then and Londis is still there. It shut shortly after Sainsbury's store opened.

There was definitely heavy snow in central London (and, I assume, Harringay) in January 1987 too. I remember being late for the first day of a new job as the transport system had seized up.

I am wrong about the date. That is the facade of the modified pub which was after 1986.

Are you saw about Londis shutting down that long ago, that would've made me 7 years old and I remember going in there after school



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