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TfL are holding "drop-in sessions"

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.+. 4.30-6.30pm at Gospel Oak Mon, Upper Holloway Tues, Crouch Hill Wed, to answer Qs

Please see the Gospel Oak - Barking trains thread on the forum pages for more information

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I can't find what estimated date the line reopens. Any ideas ?

1st week of next February, weekdays only. Seven days a week from next June.

Glen there are so many threads on this line now (as clicking on the tag I added under your post will attest). Is the best way to get the latest most up-to-date information just to visit your website and click on the latest news link towards the top right of your home page?

Got a letter from Network Rail through my door rather charmingly addressed to "lineside neighbour" with all the details. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner so I had to try and take photos instead. I think it's legible if you zoom in. Basically it says they will be working 7am to 9pm Mon-Sat, 8am to 8pm Sun with additional all night working too...

Thanks for the letter detail Antoinette

Will this work include improving the appearance of the bridge across Green Lanes?

It got a new sign recently but the bridge itself looks rusty and is graffitied. 

Not part of the plan as far as I can see...

Has anyone attended any of these sessions? What happened? The last one is at South Tottenham on Monday.

A very good, detailed article about the whole Barking - Gospel Oak electrification starts on page 23 of the Rail Engineer https://issuu.com/railmedia/docs/tre-september-2016/1

There is also a shorter but just as good article in Modern Railways September magazine available in WH Smith and other good newsagents & supermarkets now!

Thank you very much for that link Glenn.  It gives a really clear picture of the work involved that even a lay person can understand.  Frankly, I had no idea of the scale of the operation.




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