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Just venting really. It seems to me that recent congestion has led to careless and anti social driving: people driving up the wrong side of the road and jamming up box junctions: people driving up the wrong lane and cutting in on patiently waiting drivers. Has it always been like this and I've only just noticed?

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There doesn't appear to be any. Although this has an interesting discussion of the issues and some anecdotal (Source is Daily Mail) evidence of there being an 8 times higher rate of lorry accidents on motorways.


this relates to people from mainland Europe, ie people visiting and sums up saying there isn't really an evidence base. Not really the same as people of other countries (presumably)

living here and being alleged to be bad drivers.

It seems that Hariney has more than its fair share of fake number plate users. And these are only the ones who get caught! You only have to stand on Green Lanes at any peak hour to see moped riders driving within impunity. This is probably why.

One thing to note is the idiotic new road markings just to the South of the Civic Centre. The right-hand lane has a forward arrow and then a few yards up one directs right turn only into Bounds Green Road. Naturally this causes unknowing drivers to try and cut into the left lane with the usual cacophony of horns. Horn-blaring is a natural trait to some, and is a public nuisance.

There was an era of 'professional test takers' who would take driving tests for other people, thousands must have 'passed', it was so bad that is why photo ID and other checks came in.

An old colleague of mine spent many years working in Libya, the driving tests were done in bulk and he had to stand in a line and swing his arms to prove he could operate a steering-wheel, test complete. That was in the Gadaffi era, don't know if that's changed.

Please can we stop making excuses for illegal driving?

If someone wants to drive on the wrong side of the road, LTN or not, they shouldn't have a license. Cars are dangerous enough without drivers subjecting pedestrians to even more risks.

This may also shed some light on driving skills; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-65889217



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