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Hi, my name is Julia. I am 19 years old and I've just finished my A levels. I'm looking for babysitting job around Haringey (I live on the Ladder).
I am reliable and trustworthy and I frequently look after my sisters children ( 5yo and 9 months old).
I am mostly available in the evenings
Please get in touch if you are interested

Thank you

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Hi Julia, we're looking for a babysitter and need someone this weekend (Friday and Saturday night). If you're available etiher of those days please email me - alexandraclyons@gmail.com


I'm so sorry, i didn't actually see your reply to my post . If you need someone in the future please contact me on 07582543180, thank You .

Hi Julia,

Are you still looking for babysitting work? I have sent you a connection request so if you are, please do get in touch.



Hi Julia
just wondered if you are still looking for babysitting work. we've got an 11 and 9 year old who we sometimes need sitting.



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