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Hi all
I am looking for recommendations for baby  friendly spaces and cafes in the area? After the very sad closure of Snug on Green Lanes in Harringay, I’m trying to find somewhere where I can sit with baby, has changing facilities, and not feel like I’m causing disruption with crying etc 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Jump on a 341 get off at Philip Lane stop and go to the cafe in Downhills Park - warm & friendly - and always lots of babies and children

Thanks Kate ill check it out!

There is recently opened  place near Stroud Green Road Post Office: café at the front and play area at the back. No personal experience but it looks nice from the outside.

Thank you, do you remember the name?

It's called Sandscape.

I can't go for a pint without crying babies interrupting adult spaces so I think there's no bloody place that isn't baby friendly these days.

i'm inclined to agree. In harringay I find I'm scooting by large prams most weekends just to get to my table at a cafe / restaurant. there's public parks with cafes, playgrounds - including the cafe at the reservoir behind the new builds. doesn't seem right to spend £3 on coffee and park yourself for hours...



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