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Are there any Dental surgeries that are not only providing emergency services only?

Hello all.

Sorry if this comes across as a bit of a rant but my dentist is still not accepting any appointments unless it's an absolute emergency. They were not open at all for months as they were waiting on govt guidance and PPE. Now presumably they have received guidance & PPE but are still only operating as emergency only. Is this the same with all dental surgeries everywhere? I know COVID-19 is a real public health issue but if they have the correct full PPE and are vigilant surely they can accept their patients? Once again I'm sorry if this is a rant but are we to just wait until we have real problems that warrant an emergency visit as they cannot tell me when they will be operating as a normal service in the future. 

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I think quite a few are. I got a filling and root canal which , although important, wasn't an emergency.

This was down at Bridge Dental but I'm sure there will be closer alternatives.

  1. Park Road Dental Clinic, 300 Park Rd., N8 8LA, tel 020 8340 3877. My appointment has just been postponed because the dentist is on paternity leave, but they are making non emergency appts.

Hi, not sure if you’ve sorted anything out since, but I go to Millenium Dental Practice at Turnpike Lane, and was seen weeks ago for a routine checkup, so it’s worth a try!

Hi. I went to 24 hour emergency dentists

during the lockdown for an emergency root canal issue. It got sorted for the infection, and I've tried to get in with my regular for completing the treatment, but was told no appointments until mid October. Called the emergency guys back up and seen within a week for the rest of the treatment. They are private and I'm lucky I have insurance, so i wasn't too worried about cost, but more worried about being stranded if there's another lockdown situation. Service was very good, dentist very nice and the surgery was spotless with obvious covid precautions. Hope this helps. 



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