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The Post Office is apparently still open for business nationally but has anyone had local deliveries this week? 

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I didn't get my son't Mother's Day card, posted in Manchester last Friday. Also bought a couple of DVDs from eBay - wonder when they'll turn up?

From what I have read on Twitter from Royal Mail employees and various newspapers, Royal Mail workers are not being adequately protected with the 2 metre social distancing at distribution centres, vehicles and do not have enough PPE (gloves, sanitisers, masks , etc). I do hope this changes and that the posties that are unwell recover. 

Spoke to my postman today on Hampden Rd, he said the sorting office was like Christmas but twice as bad. They’re working flat out.

Maybe they need to take on extra staff like they do at Christmas. There are plenty of self-employed people who really need to earn money, as the government seems to have forgotten about them.

Postwoman in my street - in van, delivering parcels. Had a word with her. Royal Mail at Tufnell Park Sorting Office (that covers N8 and N4) says they are prioritising parcels at expense of letters. Which explains how my neighbour is receiving parcels but no one getting bills, credit cards, magazines on subscription etc. In fact anything that goes thru letter box. Larger parcels seem to be deemed more imprtant for some reason. If this is the case why aren't Royal Mail honest about it instead of denying there is an issue and not putting anything on website?

The Victorian Royal Mail letter box on Beresford Road N8 at the junction of Harringay Passage is now completely full of letters. The small metal sign with the abbreviated day of the week showing the next collection day (the 'next collection indicator tab') has been changed every day this week by Royal Mail, but no post has actually been collected from the letter box. It's Wednesday today and the tab show 'THURS' now.

I posted two letters today and realised there were letters right up to the aperture. So, the post box has not been emptied for maybe 5-6 days. Royal Mail are deceiving the public because they keep changing the next collection tab, which communicates that the letterbox has been emptied. If they cannot service it they should empty it and take the letters to the sorting office and then put a hood over the aperture with a 'suspended service' notice.

Royal Mail - please empty this letter box so these letters can go in to the postal system. Delayed is better than ground to a halt. Whilst we locals have great respect and sympathy for the postal workers in the Covid crisis, could the service please attend to this letter box which is full to bursting.

I just rang the North London Delivery Centre (Bush Industrial Estate, Station Rd, N19 - Tufnell Park) 0345 602 1021. I spoke to a helpful, courteous woman and explained the problem with the post box on Beresford Rd N8 which she will pass on to get attention. The staff are under severe stress at the moment with several calling in sick with virus symptoms so deliveries are not what they should be, unfortunately. They are doing the best that they can.

Mail being delivered to Newland House, Hornsey after 2 weeks. Hoping they come to my street next door

16 items of mail just delivered. 

The mail being prioritised is the millions of letters the NHS is sending out to patients who are in at risk groups and the millions of letters the DWP send this time of year to all benefit recipients and pensioners, along with other important official mail. The rest is in the in-tray and will be dealt with accordingly. Add that to the Royal Mail workers who have the virus or are self isolating it seems obvious there will be delays and fist class mail won't be arriving the next day. It's to be expected and patience is needed. It will all get there in the end.

Except my 6 nhs letters not prioritised. Parcels were 

The pillar box on Beresford Rd is now functioning again, which is very good, but there have been not beeen postal deliveries for several days, unfortunately par for the course with the way things are. We wish the postal workers health and strength.



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