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Can anyone recommend an endodontist, local or otherwise, for an apicoectomy.  Thanks in advance.

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I had similar done by Ramesh @ Bridge Dental

Not particularly cheap but painless and very good standard of care.

... Pickering's on Upper St. Islington is NHS... I still go back there after 30 years... Ola (he's Norwegian) is the best... he specialises in minimally invasive dentistry...

I can also recommend him, he is very good. 

Hi, i am a dental nurse, you might find a dentist who is able to do this theirself, as pretty much all dentists do root canal treatment anyway, i could recommend the Endodontist at the practice i worked at but it is private and Harley Street and not sure what your price frame is.

Many thanks to all who took the time to give recommendations.  In the end my dentist referred me to Maria at Endoclinic in Cockfosters http://www.endoclinics.co.uk/  I was happy with what she did, and she is a nice down to earth lady.  Just had 3 month check up and all is healing well.



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