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Apex Towers planning meeting is finally happening, Monday May 9th. 7pm WG Civic Centre. See para 7 of this agenda, see the contemptuous dismissal shown for the 213 objections. And they want our votes? http://www.minutes.haringey.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx…

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Thanks for flagging this up, Pam.  Cannot get over the irony of the council's housing office being given over to become part of the Grainger empire. 

Still curious to know how much they are actually paying for the site.

£3.4 million.  For nearly 0.5 hectare of brownfield site on top of the tube that's 13 minutes from Oxford Circus.  Probably the most valuable site in all of Haringey.

Interested to know why the site is considered to be brownfield? That conjures up the image of a polluted, former industrial wasteland to me.

Brownfield just means a site with no other use, and Apex House is for the chop. So, unencumbered.   As opposed to greenfield, which is land that's not been built on before.

It's only worth that if you can build on it, almost worthless otherwise!

which is why Grainger doesn't pay up till it has planning permission.  That's what all those cosy chats on the Arup yacht in Cannes are about.

NB the cost of decanting the Customer Services to Tottenham and Wood Green libraries is already more than this sum.

OK, I'll bite: show us 'all' your figures to justify that final statement.

Estimate for work on Marcus Garvey Library was £1.5m IIRC but work has gone on for twice as long as it should. Similar figures for Wood Green.  These are major rebuilds not just bunging up a few partitions. All the cabling alone...

So where's your cost/benefit analysis, as opposed to headline figures?

ask Grainger for theirs.  £3.4m for the land to build 150 private-rent dwellings. Sounds like a nice deal to me.  I'm not an economist so I don't understand your question.  I just know that someone is about to steal my light and my privacy. 

It was you who said/implied the council had sold below market price!

Grainger will build 40% affordable homes, car-free development. The residents are likely to have a lower carbon footprint than you.

Why don't you get to your 'real' point, which
seems to be"no new homes near me except bungalows and thatched cottages"?

You demean yourself.



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