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Anyone selling Ally Pally fireworks tickets for Saturday?

I'd be interested in a pair if anyone has any spare.



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I think have tickets for 2 adults and 2 children.

If you're willing to sell just the adult tix, I'll take them.

No problem. Send me a private message and I'll call you after work.

Hi, I'm looking for 2 tickets aswell so if anyone else has some that would be great! Thank you
Hi Michelle,

I have 2 tickets if you're still looking.


Hi Mary

I'm just double checking with my friend.  Face value?

Thanks, Michelle


Don't worry about paying, just enjoy it!

Let me know if your friend agrees and if you still want them and we can figure out how to get the tickets over to you.


Really?  Thank you so much.  Is it possible to email them?

Of course, but I think you need to have them printed for this evening. Let me know your email and I'll send them over.


We're ok to print them at home so that would be fantastic.  I owe you.



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