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Anyone remember the Swap Shop on West Green Rd in the 1970's?

Hello all.

Bit of a long shot I guess but I was wondering if anyone remembers what was called the Swap Shop that used to be on West Green Road in the 70's. It sold magic tricks, stink bombs, toys etc. Great fun for us kids at the time because you could take in your old stuff and swap them, hence the name. Also does anyone remember Bill Bailey's restaurant that was on high rd N15, just opposite St Annes Rd? It was an old English restaurant that had sawdust on the floor, a man wearing a Derby hat playing an upright piano in the window (at night|) and you ate your food (steak & kidney steamed pudding/roast chicken/meat pie & 2 veg etc) off of old sewing machine tables. This eatery was around till the late 70's I believe. Be great if anyone had photos :)

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Funnily enough, I do have a vague memory of the Swap Shop in West Green, heading towards the bridge from the green, it was on the right hand side, passed a home-made sweet shop. You could watch the man rolling huge linostyle rolls of  seaside rock, and humbugs too.

But that was probably in mid to late '60s when the 41s were RTs. We didn't venture too much into Tottenham then the bridge was my limit. Actually I think I got off at the training school stop and walked up.

Sorry no photos


Way before my time, but they both sound great



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