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Hi, anyone missing a mainly black cat with white feet and white under the chin? Has collar with bell. Seems domesticated and friendly, but looking slender and hungry!

In our garden in Gardens area,

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From Next Door website


(this message was previously only posted on "Lost & Found" board - I am re-posting to "General")

Our cat, Sherlock has been missing since Wednesday 4th September.
He has a distinctive white "moustache" and only has one eye (see photo)
He's getting old (12) and has become a bit prone to wandering.
If you've seen him or he has been staying with you, would appreciate it if you could give us a call.

0772 660 2264

Sorry, afraid not.This one seems younger (and both eyes intact).Hope you find Sherlock.

Following up on this post we still have this very people friendly and comfortable cat wandering in and out of the house. Does anyone know which local vet could scan to see if there is an identity chip?

Thanks for the reply Anka. Do you know which vet is nearest vet to Stanhope Gardens?

The cat (a he - we are pretty sure from basic inspection!) is not disappearing for any length of time and been  in and around our house for a few days and was definitely in need of food. So don't think he is returning home at the moment.



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