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We've seen this cat in our garden over two weeks now and always seems very hungry. No collar. Is this your cat?


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can i suggest that you put a cheap cat collar round the cat if you can, with a note attached with your number for cat owner to call you, worked for me a couple of times, then you will find out if there is a cat owner(easier than going all the way to the vet for microchipping check which should be done othe


yes this cat could be stray, lost, abandoned

could be neglected

could be sick and hate his special diet so happy to eat whatever anyone else gives him

hope you find the owner

Hi Saima

Did anyone get in touch with you about this cat? I think I might know who the owner is and have sent them an email.


Hi Michelle, no one has been in touch to say is their cat. We last saw her on Monday. She looks fine now and I don't think she is lost.
Still seeing this cat on a daily basis in my garden. My own cat who has recently moved in will not go out now as this tabby is always there! I'd really appreciate any help in finding the owner of the tabby.

Hi Saima, can you text me on 07917-081541. Smithoix

Are tabby came home recently after being missing for a year ...we live 141 Fairfax. He is in the house more and more now but still being a bit aloof!

Will, does your tabby stand on his hind legs to head butt your hand for a pat? And does his name start with J? Smithoix

Hi Will. Is it the same cat that's in the photo I posted? It must be your cat! He's been to my house every day this week meowing at the door. He's so adorable I just want to make sure he has a home. Like Smithoix describes the cat sort of jumps and head butts your hand when you stroke him.

Hey Saima, have you found the Tabby's owner?  The picture looks remarkably like our tabby who lives in Archway.  We haven't seen him since Sunday 25th October.  He hasn't been missing until then mind you...

Hi. I would love to say he could be your cat but he's been visiting us since the summer so unlikely. I hope your cat comes home soon.
Yes that is Strudel he always head buts your hand when you stroke him!
The photo looked like another cat that lives on Falkland road.....
He is well but as I said he has been awol for a year as he wasn't keen on our young son! .......he is being fed but still is a little unsure about being around a toddler!
Thankyou for your care of him and I hope he was behaved!

Hi Will. That's great news. Really glad it is your cat. He was at our kitchen door just 5 mins ago but we wont be feeding him now that we know he has a home. I hope our cats eventually make friends as there usually have a staring contest!



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