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We've seen this cat in our garden over two weeks now and always seems very hungry. No collar. Is this your cat?


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Microchipping and neutering is vital and I know that's been done which is great.

In addition, I can recommend these safe collars where you can also have your phone number printed on the collar www.kittycollars.co.uk
It's a good idea to lock the catflap at night so that cats are safe inside at night as it reduces the risk of them getting lost or injured.

If you have a microwave, all cats love a Snugglesafe heat pad to make their bed warm and cosy at home.

Hi all

Some of you on Falkland and Fairfax might have had letters through your door this morning from me - Saima very kindly let me know about this thread. The original image posted is of my cat Jimmy. We re-homed another cat in April last year, and since then Jimmy has been spending a lot less time in the house, although up until a month ago he always turned up for meal times. We've tried everything to help them to get on better (introducing them slowly, Feliway, different calming food mix from the vet etc etc) but they are still not that comfortable with each other. A month ago, Jimmy started going missing for 3-4 days at a time. When we did see him he seemed well-fed and not that hungry, so we think that someone else on the ladder must be feeding him. We have now not seen him for 2 weeks and we are desperate to find out where he is and make sure that he is ok. We may also be moving away from the area in a few months so it's pretty urgent that we find out where he is and either coax him to live back with us, or if someone has 'adopted' him then we'd at least like to make sure they are taking full responsibility for him and looking after him.

If you have seen Jimmy, or are feeding him, please let me know. 

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!




I am sure it is Jimmy, - he started visiting us last year every morning and night mid last year (perhaps when the new cat arrived), so we took him to the vet to check his chip - so we know his name and where he is registered to.  He has continued to visit on and off (we are on Fairfax diagonally over the back from the address registered on the chip), but far less frequently over the past 6 weeks or so. I am in Australia at the moment, but will ask my husband to let you know if we see him.  If you text me your number, we can stay in touch, 07917081541.  If you ARE looking to rehome him, we would be very interested.  Karen


this cat looks very much like mine. I can't say for certain though. She doesn't have a collar, but she is micro chipped. She's very friendly. I live on Seymour Road. She has actually been missing since Friday 11th December, so I am now scouring Harringay online to see if she has been found. I know you put this post up in the summer, but if you do see this cat again could you post it. She might be mine!!

Many thanks


Have just seen that the cat is Jimmy. Looks so much like mine! Please keep a look out though for very similar cat. thanks



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