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We've seen this cat in our garden over two weeks now and always seems very hungry. No collar. Is this your cat?


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Not our cat but we've seen the same cat in our garden too for the same amount of time. Perhaps a stray?

Is anybody feeding the cat??? If you see it in your garden might be a good idea...
Yes we've been feeding the cat as I'm sure others are.
Great well done x

Can you please tell me the postcode? I will post in Stokey Cat and dogs. We had 2-3 tabby cats missing. Thank you! 

We last saw the cat on Friday. Fairfax Road N8.

If you are seeing it on Fairfax Road, I'm pretty sure I know this cat. If he is a neutered male, he spent a lot of time in our garden and kitchen last year always hungry, to the point that I took him to the vet to see if he was chipped (I would have kept him.  He was and I know where his owners live (or lived), but he has continued to be a regular visitor.  He got really skinny and mangey a month or so ago, but is looking a bit better now ... maybe because you nice people are feeding him too.  I'll see if I can talk to the owners over the weekend and confirm they are still living there. Smithoix

We live 141 Fairfax pretty sure she is female and lives on road behind.....we lost are tabby cat last year he was chipped but they hadn't updated information to our new address.
If you see the male tabby could you try to take a photo please? He has been mIssed!
Hi Will. Yes of course. We're neighbours two doors down.I think you're right and this cat is female. The last couple of times we've seen her she's seemed pretty healthy and well fed.

Will, I have had to travel today but if you send me your phone number i can give you the background on our 'ocassional guest' cat.  Pretty sure he is the one in Saima's photo -  he visited this morning and his face markings are identical. He is fit and healthy right now I have previously seen him respond to the call of his name from the Falkland Road House he was registered to. My number is 0791081541. Smithoix

Hi Will. Is your cat still lost? Have you made sure the microchip company have your correct contact details?



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