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I walked down Conway Road yesterday evening and saw an entrance to a site which I imagine must have been a workshop/light factory. It's now housing, called Priscilla Place. I read that it used to be a fire station, which would fit in since the fire station building is the one fronting on to Conway Raod, by the bend in the road at the western end of the plot. A practice yard, stabling for the horses before mechanisation? Anyone know the story?



Below are a couple of photos from ground level:



By the by, I also noticed this nice old survivor shop front just opposite, on Conway Road:



And it's companion a few doors down:



Seems like there was a thriving little area of shops - here's an old picture of one just round the corner in Etherley.


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Perhaps they relied on the estate agent’s blurb?? Thanks for the info, Hugh — a much better story, as you say!

Oh your last pic Hugh........"An old picture of one just round corner in Etherley".   I went to Woodlands Park School 1956 -60 time.  In that very shop on the corner, just round side of school, lived one of my early loves, Mary Fobel (think that's how it was spelt?).  We could've been eternally happy.  Such a pretty girl, curly mousy coloured hair.  We managed to date for about 2 weeks midway through secondary schooling but I wasn't wise enough then to persuade her what a perfect catch I would be for her.  Passed her just a handful of times in later teens but never exchanged words, only silent embarrassing glances.  She was still gorgeous.  Never forgotten her.  Could've/should've been the perfect 'John and Mary' tale !! 



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