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I’ve never seen them. I’d try the clocktower greengrocer in crouch end.

I'd never heard of them until I read your post. Quite a rarity, I'd imagine. If anywhere locally, perhaps one of the places on Turnpike Lane might have them? The one at the end of the Passage often has 'exotic fruit'

These hybrid fruit can be quite delicious. A few years back we stopped by the roadside on the middle of nowhere in California and some some plutots (a cross between plums and apricots). They were sensational!

I'd forgotten about pluots.  I used to buy them in Hong Kong.  They were imported from somewhere.  I don't remember anything special about lemons.

That’s interesting. I’d asunder that they were a little known hybrid available only in the US. 

Produce imported to HK from the UK, the USA and the Antipodes is a great advantage to homesick expatriates.  Brussels sprouts available all year long!  Pluots only appeared 2-3 years ago.  I have searched online.  They seem to be available to grow as trees here but not to buy as fruit.  One website describes them as Japanese.


Thank you! I've written to Kenmuir to ask whether these can be suitable for city gardens.

The Japanese connection makes sense in California. There was a large immigration of Japanese to California, many of who became farmers (Interestingly, the migration was strictly controlled by the Japanese government. Having seen the fate of China's international brand after the uncontrolled migration of Chinese migrants to the US, they only gave skilled migrants permission to migrate). 

Interesting, thanks.  I like the idea of growing your own pluots.  Good luck!

Please let me know if you find any. My favourite marmalade recipe suggests them, I've always just used standard lemons but would be great to try Meyer ones.



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