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Hi guys,

Moving away in the new year and investigating renting out the flat.

Has anyone here had any positive experiences about finding good tennants and who don't charge the world?



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i have used David Key in the past and were good and found me great tennants 

david-key.com/our-branches/harringay/ but there are loads of estate agents on green lanes so do shop around for BEST rate/deal - good luck

thanks for the tip!

Also try greene.co.uk as they are good too - speak with Ayman and say Hi from me Geraldine Bethune

thanks for the suggestion and will say hi :D

Cousins on West Green road always good. Whatever you do don’t use Paul Simon...really awful experiences using them 

Avoid kings like plague. Absolute con artists who don’t care about the house or tenant. They also didn’t know what ARLA was despite being a member. 

As a tenant I always liked Winkworth and they’re probably more expensive but important to have a letting agent that actually do what they’re supposed to and deal with stuff quickly for the tenant 

Would not recommend KFH in Crouch End....we have had terrible problems with tenants from them & they never respond to complaints we make.



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