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Hi everyone hope youre all doing well right now.

I usually train jiu jitsu twice a week but with the new precautions all classes are cut for the foreseeable future. I'd like to practise and keep active at home but it is a two person sport.

Could anyone lend a yoga mat to drill and train on? Or even a square mat. Anything! I will visit and collect. 


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Hi, We have a yoga mat you can have, it's just a little bit frayed at the edges (see pics). Falkland Road 




Looks good, have sent a PM. 

I have one to give away on Sturrock Close (just off West Green Road halfway down)

I have requested you a connection to PM

Yes, I can lend you one.

Hi, am local yoga home studio, welcome to come borrow a mat. you can reach me on oliviafesty@gmail.com 



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