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Can anyone tell me which petrol stations have petrol at the moment?  I went to four the other day and they only had diesel.  My tank's almost empty now so can't risk just driving around. Thanks,

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I got some at Sainsbury's on Monday lunchtime. They told me they were more-or-less back to normal.

I filled up without waiting in White Hart Lane (Texaco) very early last Sunday morning. Have now removed any unnecessary junk out of the boot, put the car on eco mode, don't use the air-con, and drive economically.

Everywhere seems pretty normal now. Surprised you're having problems. 

Yup, Sainsbury's had some with no queues half an hour ago.

Tescos by Ikea was working fine an hour ago, me and one other car there.

(the '24 hour' Extra store shut in our faces at midnight though, despite all their signs. False advertising.)

I got some yesterday at Sainsbury's. Thanks everyone



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