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Any local Zipcar members - where have the Harringay cars gone?!

I’m a sporadic Zipcar user but recently have found it hard to book the most convenient cars for me, on Hewitt and Cavendish Roads. Looking today on the app they seem to have disappeared altogether. Any ideas what is happening?

I know Zipcar has started introducing cars you can pick up from anywhere but they tend to be automatics (which I don’t like as much!). I wonder if that means they are phasing out some of the other car options.

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I think peer car sharing apps are taking over (ie you hire another person’s private car by the day or hour). I have used Hiyacar and would definitely recommend them

I was wondering about this. There is a car back in the Cavendish Road bay now (and one on Hewitt Road is showing), but no pay-per-mile vehicles to be seen any more. It does look like their available options are narrowing somewhat.

Yes I spotted the Hewitt car had returned, but hadn’t noticed that the hiring arrangement has changed. What came as a surprise was the fact that the model is now an automatic, which made for an interesting driving experience (I have not driven one for about 20 years)!

I thought the pay per mile were quite new - am more familiar with the pay by time option. 



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