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Can anyone recommend any good fish and chip shops around? I've tried to search old threads but can't see anything recent... Thanks!

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I'm not sure Toffs is open. I think the owner died recently.

George's is great! Also depending on where you live The Tasty at Turnpike Lane (9A Westbury Ave, Turnpike Ln, Wood Green, London N22 6BS) have just started doing fish and chips and they are very good! The fish is cooked to order so is very fresh - give them a try! 

I had fish and chips from The Chippy on Stroud Green Road a while back. 
it was really delicious and didn’t seem too pricey. 

The Palm on Phillip Lane is doing fish and chips and pies.  I think it’s only Fridays but check it out.  Their food, when they’re open normally,  is really good and the owners are locals. 

This is great everyone, thank you, looking forward to trying out these places and also appreciate the chippy suggestions further afield, thanks Hugh. 

I'll give you tip, never eat fish and chips from a chippie that does kebabs (as well). It's never great, gotta be one or the other.

Same with the chinese food. Turks do babs chinese do the noodles italians do the piza and english do the fish and chips but jamaicans do the jerk yeah

Greeks can do fish to but not the turks stick to bab man

Ah so I shouldn't make jerk chicken then as I'm not Caribbean? Silly comment. 

George's on St Ann's Rd. They're on Deliveroo too.

Sutton and Sons in Stoke Newington is on Deliveroo and very, very good. Great vegetarian options too.

I second The Chippy, Stroud Green Road ( near to Tesco Metro). The owner will cook to order If you ask and it is served in a box, fish is kept perfect and crisp. We eat it straight from the box which tastes even better and saves on the washing up. 

George's on St Anns all the way.. You can now pay by card. Even better! 



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