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I have had the same cleaner for the last 6 years and she has just got a new job as a nanny.

I am looking for a replacement to come 3 hours a week in the Gardens to do cleaning and ironing. If anyone has any recommendations I would really appreciate it.



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i can 100% recommend Lina who cleans regularly at Blend Cafe on Green Lanes. She has a small amount of private house work too but would love some extra work. Do call or text Lina on 07941 335643 and she will call you back.


Thanks I will do

Hi, I m a cleaner and I m looking for some more jobs,if Lina can't do it please contact me.Thank you

I reccomend Paulina. She cleans my flat every week and does a great job for a very good price - I'm very happy. I have had cleaners over the years (when able to afford it) and Paulina is the best !

Thanks for th contact details!


My cleaner, Tsetsi is available and is a lovely person. if you want to contact her, the number is: 07860820527 


Thanks for the reply



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