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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A small but infuriating group were out today blocking the traffic and sending dangerous messages to vulnerable people. I know we live in a democracy but...honestly!

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I wouldn't go there unvaccinated at the best of times.

Ahhh, there were a few anti vax super twats on the tube earlier headed that way... Ripping the social distancing signage off it a dramatically aggressive manner and playing music in a 'look at me I'm hard' kind of way... Scowling away at anyone in a mask.

First time I've seen anything like that. Takes all sorts I suppose. 

Ah lol, are those the lot with the 'infinity' flags.

Genuinely thought it was a different protest lol 

They were marching down Green Lanes, thought some large Brum Brum cars would have run them over, the backlog they were causing.

Infinity flags would be Extinction Rebellion

I’m active with Extinction Rebellion & have never seen an infinity flag on any action. Having looked through my emails & social media, I can’t see any Extinction Rebellion actions planned for Wood Green yesterday. Extinction Rebellion have never (to my knowledge) held any joint events/actions with the anti-vax/freedom protesters - in recent months, in central London, the two protests have often happened on the same day, at different locations. All Extinction Rebellion actions I’ve seen advertised & attended, people attending have been asked to wear masks (even outdoors).

You're right. I knew I'd seen it recently and kind of assumed it was ER. And yes I agree ER ar not science deniers, quite the opposite....

Thank you for your reply. Misinformation can spread so quickly, I appreciate your response.

The two triangles are, but the loopy infinity rings are not, but easy to get the two mixed up.

No not XR, which is the infinity logo. 

These guys were properly thuggish. More junior Nazi type.

There was both anti vax graffiti and swastikas daubed on the signs at the Royal Free yesterday which may (or may not) be connected. 

What is the message behind the graffiti?

Are the culprits claiming to be Nazis and criticising the NHS or are they saying the NHS are Nazis for being complicit in some kind of plot (eg. Lockdowns, mass vaccinations and the arguable loss of civic liberties etc)?

I have no idea. Nothing to do with XR. Just a-holes lookin for a random cause I think. 

Either way they're stupid.



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