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We've received a letter that Virgin Media are putting our bill up by an additional £3 per month. This is to continue the 'excellent' service we receive, which is frankly insulting after the summer we have had with broadband service outages and loss of channels.

Annoyingly we don't have much of an option to switch provider as the BT copper cable doesn't give us the service we need. We really need Open Reach to install a fibre optic cable so that we will have more choice in supplier and provide Virgin Media with some much needed competition!

Think it is ridiculous that there are no plans to roll out Open Reach here so was thinking about starting a petition. Would love to hear other people's views...

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This isn't available in my area (lower end of the ladder). Are there places in the ladder that have ultrafast broadband?

I wish we had Virgin broadband in our street. Then we could get a decent speed.

I use BT or Sky (switch between them every year) and get constant 50mbps down ~10 up, all times of the day. Always had issues with Virgin, will never use them again.

Interesting. Where do you live? Is it through copper cable or fibre?

On Falkland Rd, it's just through the normal copper cable. You can usually get year-long deals so works out quite cheap (I don't use any additionals like TV)



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