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Another Turkish restaurant has just opened on Green Lanes, Niyaziusta, located across the Salisbury pub. That makes it the 18th from Manor House Station until Selale next to Tesco.I was wondering, are they not getting near market saturation by now? I know we now have the Fish & Chips, Bun & the Bar, Tramp and the Indian restaurant since last year which have all added a bit of much-needed diversity to the area, but I do not understand why there is still such low diversity of businesses on this stretch of Green Lanes (kebabs, betting shops and hairdressers, essentially). 

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Yes, good point!

La Vina.

Interesting point about safety, thanks for bringing it up...

Totally agree with OP. 

I recently moved to Willesden/Harlesden borders, and you know what - they've opened yet ANOTHER fried chicken shop.

I must say .....if you want different things sometimes you just have to do it yourself. Take the risk!

Can't argue with that!

Fair point...



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