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Another Turkish restaurant has just opened on Green Lanes, Niyaziusta, located across the Salisbury pub. That makes it the 18th from Manor House Station until Selale next to Tesco.I was wondering, are they not getting near market saturation by now? I know we now have the Fish & Chips, Bun & the Bar, Tramp and the Indian restaurant since last year which have all added a bit of much-needed diversity to the area, but I do not understand why there is still such low diversity of businesses on this stretch of Green Lanes (kebabs, betting shops and hairdressers, essentially). 

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Didn't cafe Lemon say they were selling up to a Stoke Newington kebab business?

If the 'they' in your comment refers to Cafe Lemon, no Cem and Irfan sold their lease to Gokyuzu for a handsome price. (What I'm told they were paid had gone up by 150% since Gokyuzu's offer three years back.)

If the 'they' is Niyaz, I'm afraid I don't know. 

This was what i was going to say. It's dedicated to Gozleme. If you haven't tried the Gozleme they sell in their shop further up the road then you haven't lived. It's insanely great.

Yes, except my point is, it's not their shop up the road!

Add to 'just another local's list Bean & Barley as well as Music & Beans (yes there's a theme going on there) and over the last 2 years you have incredible change along GL. Also useful to know that a fair number of these new businesses have been set up by second generation Turks & Kurdish folk, who have seen the opportunity to diversify. Best anyone can do is go and support them.
Oh diddums. Another Turkish restaurant on a road famous for Turkish restaurants.

If you don't like it, move. These restaurants (and the Turkish community) were here long before you moved to the area and no doubt be here when you are gone too. Cry me a river.

i really don't think there's any need for the tone of voice of your message. People are allowed an opinion about where they live without that kind of an attack.

Yes this was a strange reply from Jane Jones  

Being a single cuisine centric area is I've always found not generally great for either the standard of the food or the quality of the service; I mean I don't go to Brick Lane for a curry because its become commoditised and the passing customer is viewed as transitory resulting in poor food and service.

Choice is good as an area changes so does the taste of those inhabiting it, I'm a big fan of the newer more diverse outlets and as such am a regular user 

Sorry Richard, you are right, it was unduly sarcastic. My concern is that places like Haringey remain one of the few places in London where we have true diversity. Once Green Lanes and the borough as whole has been completely gentrified, we lose what made the place special in the first place.

I'm off the opinion that the majority of people who dislike how Turkish the area is have only moved here recently and thus exacesbate the problem. I have lived in the area my entire life so I definitely support places being improved and diversified but not at the expense of the communities that created it's identity in the first place.

The area lost a lot of its 'vibe', at least in my mind, years ago and certainly doesn't have that whatever it was, that made me move here 22 years ago. I'd move, but my wife would cut my 'easter eggs' off - as she loves the area more than ever.

Your right that the Turk and Kurd community has contributed greatly to the current identity but dont forget that the Greeks also contributed but have largey moved on at least in terms of business.

as The Bunymen sang 'Nothing ever lasts forever'

I have actually lived 10 years. I'm all for diversity, bring on businesses from all over the world! It's actually the lack of diversity I was complaining about, if you had bother reading my post before spitting your venom...
I think people with your nasty attitude are actually the problem. What don't you make everyone a favour and take your trolling elsewhere?



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