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I see the poor old Fountain Public House on West Green Road, N15 is under attack once again from a developer. How many assaults is it now against this pub and garden 9 or10? First all the trees were ripped out, then the garden fenced off and trashed to make it look ready for "regeneration". Now the garden is to be reduced in size with - well decide for your self

The latest is to build "storage" sheds in the garden. The strange thing is that my wheelie takes up less than one sqm but this developer wants "sheds" at over 80 sqm each; strange when you think that is the about size of a new build flat. Thin edge of the wedge?

Have a read and then comment. Just quesy 125 West Green Road, N15 on the planning portal and see what you think about the loss of the pub garden. Such a shame as it could be such as asset.


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All these pub redevelopments will never stop unill presure is put on the council to change its planning guidlines, as i believe they have in islington. As i understand it they wont allow change of use from a pub to anything else if the building was originally built as a pub. This bought down the cost of buying or leasing pub buildings and resulted in companies taking over pubs they could never have afforded before, and has allowed great little free house pubs that serve good food and great beer - aka the 'N19' on Sussex way.

Had this happened in Haringey we would still have the 'Oakdale' wouldn't be fighting to save the 'Antwerp' And we wouldnt be looking at the awful 'Dogasre' where the Queen should be.

OOH for a planning commitee with some Bol*****s!!!

Remember, the Council only has limited powers; it s the Planning Inspector, and Ultinateky the Secretary of State, who has the final say. Planning policy can only go so far. The issue with betting shops show how powerless a Council can be.

Nonetheless, the Islington case, sounds interesting. It would be interesting to know how well it has worked. Here's what the policy says:

Policy DM 27

A.    The council supports the retention of Public Houses, and opposes their redevelopment, demolition and Change of Use.

B.    Applications for the Change of Use, redevelopment and/or demolition of a Public House must demonstrate that:

  1. the Public House has been vacant for a continuous period of 2 years or more and marketing evidence has been provided for the vacant 2 year period to demonstrate there is no realistic prospect of the unit being used as a Public House in the foreseeable future;

  2. the proposed alternative use will not detrimentally affect the vitality of the area and the character of the street scene;

  3. the proposal does not constitute the loss of a service of particular value to the local community, and

  4. significant features of historic or character value are retained.


Thank you for the response.

The right to bid has been considered and as ever is where does a community like seven sister get the money. We are struggling to raise funds for wards cover, our tottenham, the community plan, the area plan, purchase green areas under planning threat.

Can you publicise the planning application, we just need more objections to keep things at bay a little longer.

It is hard to keep people objecting when whole swathes of the area are now under threat as people see it as cheap and ripe for "regeneration" i.e destruction". We  get numerous new apps every week.



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