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Annette Baker and Mike McGowan announced as Green Party Candidates for by-elections

Haringey Green Party will be fighting the by-elections in Woodside and Noel Park with two strong local candidates.

Mike McGowan, standing in Noel Park and a long-term resident of the area has stood here before for the Green Party. 'I want to help change the world around me for the better. And I want my grandchildren to live in a beautiful, sustainable world,' he says. This is what motivates him to stand again.

Mike is convinced that even a single Green voice in the Council can make a huge difference. It has done so elsewhere in Councils where Green councillors have a voice. It has put green issues - like parks and open spaces, opposition to austerity, affordable housing and renewable energy squarely on the agenda. But it has also changed the tone of the debate: elected Green Party representatives work by being constructive and positive and never indulging in 'Yah-Boo' politics.

Annette Baker has lived in Woodside for the last 4 years. She has been active in politics for many years. 'I cannot remember a time when social justice hasn`t been important to me,' she says, coming from a family with a long history of being active in the pursuit of justice.

She believes most people want to live a life more in tune with the natural world and would like to be instrumental in trying to persuade the political establishment to give us better leadership in this regard. It’s about being a Green voice in a Council that has been essentially unchallenged for far too long.

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