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Animal care Surgery - Vet on Green Lanes/Fairfax Rd - Anyone have a review?

I'm looking for the nearest vets to my house to have my new kitten vacinated etc. This vet on yell.com is by far the closest (which is very handy as I don't have a car) but I've just seen two terrible reviews on google. On the basis of these reviews I think I'll take her to Zasman's. Any thoughts?

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Another vote for Zasman's in Stroud Green. Good to build a relationship with - Anna the vet there has been great with our two kitty related emergencies in the last year - fitting us in at short notice / on weekends, dealing directly with the pet insurance companies etc.

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@harringayonline #fromthesite I don't know this one but Mr Staton at wood green is superb and reasonably priced. I wouldn't go anywhere else

DO NOT GO THERE!!  Tried him once, never again. It's near impossible to understand his English, and I did not care for the unneccesarily rough way he handled my sick cat. Any advice or follow up was impossible, as he was completely incomrehensible. Convenient location if you're on the Ladder, but that is the only positive thing about that practice.

I agree with Anette. I did not like the way they looked after my kittys. Hills vets on Park rd in Crouch end are great. More interested in your pet than filling their pockets.

I agree re Hills, they're lovely. And cheaper than Dragon vets on Hornsey Road.

I have also heard excellent reports from Hills in crouch end by several friends who use them

Also for anyone on benefits or low income, you can use the harmsworth hospital,RSPCA, finsbury park- I have used them for years and they are brilliant- you get what your animal needs with no fancy extras- if you go out f hours and they deem it not an emergency though, they will check your pet home and make you go back in the morning to queue with everyone else- fair enough, we have the time to do that



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