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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

"An intriguing roller-coaster ride through life in eighteenth century Stroud Green"

The "Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green" with its 'Mayor' and 'Aldermen' was a fixture at the Stapleton Tavern in Stroud Green from 1750 to 1780.  It was a drinking club. They held an election for 'Mayor' once a year and left behind a badge called the Stroud Green Jewel.

During lockdown I researched this club and the story turned out to be far weirder and more outrageous than anyone could hope for. The whole rip-roaring tale has just been published in the Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin 64 and, I hope, makes an eye-opening read. 

"An intriguing roller-coaster ride through life, for some, in 18th century Stroud Green where real life really seems to have been stranger than fiction. Wouldn't we all like to have been part of that Corporation?" (Hornsey Historical Society Publications Committee member).

I have posted it on my personal blog here:


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I had been hoping to hold a charity mock election on Mayor Thomas Legg's 250th anniversary in July, as held twice before in 2011 and 2017, but sadly support for the idea has been lukewarm. So instead, I'll be offering a private toast to Mayor Legg in a personal capacity at the Tavern on the anniversary, 26th July 2023, in case anyone would care to join me.  (Fancy dress optional.) 

Read and enjoy! 

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