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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Lots of these swarming over the Ladder. Any idea what's going on?

(sorry for poor pics, snapping on my phone!)

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the toddler in chief arrives in a couple of days - this is a practise run of his security detail

Well they're not British, cos we don't have any.

Might (will) have something to do with a certain foreign visitor this week.

My friends say they're Ospreys, US Aircraft.
So it looks like a Trump thing!


Last time I saw them it was Obama's visit.

Someone misspelled 'Harringay'

Very noisy so you can't even pretend this misogynist bigot isn't polluting the very air we breath,never mind the attitudes of some followers.

Thanks to the military, as exemplified by those helicopters, we only have to endure some noise--I think any rational person would suffer their noise and exhaust rather than having to breath the air of fires and crashing mortar after a Luftwaffe bombing run or V1 or V2 rocket attack--that is assuming one still had life left in him or her after such an attack.

I'm still waiting for credible evidence that the President is a "bigot" or "misogynist". It's like the Russian US election tampering concocted by the losing party at 10:00 pm on 9 November 2016 after it was clear who the loser was--1.5 years on and not a shred of credible evidence.

Meanwhile half the journalists who put these views into people's heads are gone because of their demonstrated sexism/misogyny/sexual harassment. That's the real hilarity of it all.

Does anyone have a laser pen I could borrow ?

Well, our own head of state probably hasn't  set foot in Haringey, nor the p.m.

But truly, just another sign of the sinister forces at work in the Global hierarchical power base. 

I think she went to the Horse of the Year Show at the arena

It’s been a half century or so, but she’s been here a couple of times

Apparently these Ospreys just accompany Trump, he isn't in them, see this account of last night:

"Trump flew in to the grounds of Blenheim in his Marine One helicopter to where the Beast — his vast presidential limo — was waiting to drive him the final few yards. He was accompanied by two black hawk helicopters, plus the three huge osprey aircraft you probably saw circling over central London for half the evening"



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