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Many thanks again to Dan and Seemah again for getting the ball rolling and to them and all the volunteers who've worked with them getting things this far.

We're now on the final few days and this post is to keep you informed of the latest and to ask for a little more help.

First, the info. Here's Dan's flyer:

And Dan and Seemah are asking for help with the following:

- volunteers to do a final door knock on a chunk of the street between tomorrow (Thursday) evening and Friday evening to connect with everyone in the road face to face, running through what's going on and people are being asked to do on the day.

- if you can also print out a batch of flyers from the one attached, that's be great.

I've done very little so far, so I've said I'll help. If we can get another few folks it'll mean each of us don't have to do too many houses.

Please add a note below to say if you can help with the door-knocking and add any questions or suggestions below.

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Hullo from paul and jaquie at no 24!
looks like we have some musicians and a small P.A for sunday, also a barbeque. We are looking for a gazebo to put it all under on the day as bad weather is expected. I thought we might get some jazz or blues together and play some reggae and salsa records, that sort of thing. What do you think?
I can help out tonight (thursday) and friday if you need it. my number is 07916 171214.
thanks, look forard to it!
Paul Downes
brilliant guys that all sounds great musically and we are borrowing a gazebo or 2. street closed from 11 so if we all meet in the street then to set up we can get the ball rolling - tonight and tomorrow would be good to print off the flyers that hugh posted above and liaise with him on door knocking - one more time will ensure a good turn out on sunday.

Also will need some help just before 9 am to pick up tables from the church on Alison road any takers on that?

sounds great - are people from other roads allowed to come?
allison road
hey Jo, of course - all welcome. bring something to eat and look forward to seeing you ;-)
Helen and Matt at 65 keen to help too.

We can help with table pick up on Sunday Morning, just knock. We're also going to contribute with a Pimms stall and Cricket game.
Hi from Paul and Shazia at no 13

We have had some good luck with the local shops, restaurant and bakeries. We have managed to get committment from the following organisations, Ciabatta bread co, Sama Foods, Daves Wholesale, Melissa Patisserie, Manas restuarant who have agreed to donate a mixture of bread, cakes and other food.

We are yet to hear back from Dunns and Antepliler restaurant. We had no luck with the large Supermarket chains because they have such strong food hygiene procedures that they cannot give us anything;Tescos also mentioned that there wasn't anything in it for them !! (The local store)

It was a pleasure talking to the local businesses who were very supportive and willing to contribute to the event.

Our strong gut feeling that Pary suppliers would be very interested, proved to be wrong!!
hello we really need some help this evening knocking on doors to talk to people in the street about the party on Sunday PLEASE CAN YOU HELP and let Hugh know and he could divide the road up so more people do less houses........any takers?
Ok, So I'll knock even numbers 2 - 40 tonight and let's hope we find some other volunteers for tomorrow.
Right, that's 2 - 44 done. Paul at 24 will do the top section of the north side then will post on here what he's done.

Hopefully some other folks can help with the rest.

All hands on deck Hewitt Road, see you all at 11am in the street tomorrow morning to get the party set up.

Jason, Hugh and Paul can we meet outside our houses at 8.50am to go in 2 cars to the church to pick up the tables.

Have a good evening

Seemah and Dan
Friends of Fairland Park have lent out one of our gazebos for your event. Hope you all have a great day!
It doesn't matter if you are not from Hewitt road EVERYONE is MORE than welcome to come along!



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