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Many thanks again to Dan and Seemah again for getting the ball rolling and to them and all the volunteers who've worked with them getting things this far.

We're now on the final few days and this post is to keep you informed of the latest and to ask for a little more help.

First, the info. Here's Dan's flyer:

And Dan and Seemah are asking for help with the following:

- volunteers to do a final door knock on a chunk of the street between tomorrow (Thursday) evening and Friday evening to connect with everyone in the road face to face, running through what's going on and people are being asked to do on the day.

- if you can also print out a batch of flyers from the one attached, that's be great.

I've done very little so far, so I've said I'll help. If we can get another few folks it'll mean each of us don't have to do too many houses.

Please add a note below to say if you can help with the door-knocking and add any questions or suggestions below.

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Have fun everyone! Well done for organising it.

Alison (gazing wistfully over her back fence from Seymour ....)
Have a great time everyone and I hope the weather's kind for you. Would love to have attended but a bit late now for getting a flight from Australia!
Ach. come on Flower, where's that Aussie get-up-and-go?
Hewitt road doing the conga..its brilliant!

There is a write up at the bottom of page 10 in the Hornsey and Crouch End Journal Thursday 30th July about out Big Lunch..have a look....

Thanks Seemah - for speed have copied it in below:

What about posting your photos on to Harringay Online's Flickr group folks?



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