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The All Good Bookshop, Turnpike Lane, is cooperative owned and supports community groups with its bookable event space. It operates a fast and efficient order service and delivers free in the borough. Events include a writers group, two book groups, toddler storytime etc.

I was pleased to stage the national launch of my new book there on Thursday, Our Child of Two Worlds.  I don't know whether the forum is interested in book and bookshop news?


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Thanks Stephen. Yes, always interested. 

Hello Stephen, very interested, there are many book clubs in nearby Tottenham I am a member of the Antwerp Arms book club.  I will pop in and say hello soon!

Sure, the manager is Tim, Carmel works there as does another Stephen from time to time

They can update on what groups are running. I can tell you about the writers group, weds evenings, alternating on Zoom and in the shop.

My new book is out Our Child of the Stars is sequel to Our Child of Two Worlds and they make great Book Group books - female lead, a bit unusual re genre, strong on family good and bad and found family.  A childless couple in Sixties America adopt an orphan from outer space...

Lots more info on my website or there's plenty of reviews on Amazon and Goodreads 

Hello. What time and day is the toddler storytelling? Thank you

Here are contact details for the shop.

020 8341 0783

The website is www.allgoodbookshop.com

Doesn't currently say, I wonder if they have a fixed slot yet?

Thanks so much. I did find it on the website under Events. 10am on Fridays


I’m volunteering in the bookshop on Saturday afternoon 2-6pm. I’ve had my till training and looking forward to it. Please come and say hello, support your local community bookshop and help me practice on the till by buying lots of lovely books - it’s due to be sunny this weekend - perfect weather for getting engrossed in a new book in your garden, balcony or the park! 

thanks so much 


Hope you enjoy it, I'd drop by but I was in on Friday



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