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Good evening, I am currently doing a course in interior design and as part of my assignment I have chosen to analyse the fabulous Ally Pally - could anyone please help me with the dimensions of the building (in particular the height of the roof)? I have spent all day Googling and have been in touch with people at Ally Pally but I can't seem to find these dimensions anywhere! I could only find the height of the antenna. I am also interested in the materials used in its construction (which also don't appear to be on Google). Not sure if I'm just looking in the wrong places...the information must exist somewhere! If anyone is able to help me out I'd be very grateful.

Yours hopefully!


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 If you google images Alexandra Palace building plans, there are lots of images. In the interest of safety and security the Palace may be reluctant to give you any plans


There are also lots of images of plans


Does this help? (Click images to enlarge)

Illustrated London News - Saturday 10 April 1875

the 4 rows of iron columns mentioned above were removed after the last fire. This was done In order to improve on the interior space in the hall, The present roof is supported by 2 massive external framed structures painted light blue, which have certainly increased the roof height from previously

I seem to remeber parts of these old pilars flanking the park entrance? but they are not there now.

Worth having a look around historic England website - it’s grade II listed. On quick scan for external https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1268256materials, it appears a lot are relatively new due to fires so probably mainly brick and stone dressings. 

You could also check the planning portal for details captured in relevent applications. I've done a very quick search and the drawings linked to this application might be helpful. 


Thank you all so much for your replies, they have been super helpful! Such a fascinating building with such rich history, a real gem of a place. Many thanks again :)



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