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I just walked past Agora on Green Lanes. They are under new managemant and want all to know. They have placed sme baloons outside and removed the curtains thus allowing us to view the electrifying abience within. This is what the old management tried to do but were forced to cover the windows and doors as I believe it was in contravention of their licence.

Surely that stipulation would not have changed?


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I was thinking that too. Another odd thing was that part of the Agora terms was that they displayed goods for sale in the window (don't ask me why!), and now there's just some limp balloons.

Can we get them for this, and have them shut down?

I doubt what they are doing will get them shut down, but I have left a message with Myles Joyce at Planning and will update one I have spoken with him.

Personally I cant see the place lasting too long any way. It has a history of being empty and will probably go bust in year or two.

Fingers crossed for it going bust!

having spoken to licensing it appears there is no stipulation for AGORA to cover the windows or sell nick-nacks in the window. 

But why did the previous management do just that and why are so may local people convinced they had to have the windows covered? Hmmm the plot thickens.......

I SWEAR that was part of the licensing conditions, I remember it as it was so odd.

Ben, I did a quick search on HoL and found this post that attached the Planning Inspector's decision on this premises. I guess these were planning rather than licensing matters. The decision says nothing about windows being covered but did include the following:

The use hereby permitted shall not commence until the approved new shop front has been installed. The windows of the premises shall at all times have a display of goods available for purchase on the premises by members of the public and the retail prices of the goods shall be clearly displayed.

Also just found this post from 2009 about this very same topic.

thanks for proving that I am not completely bonkers!

Its funny because i initially called planning and they said it had nothing to do with them!!!

call them back and politely point out that arse is that end, elbow the other..?

Just spoke with planning and there is pretty much nothing they can do.

That sounds as thought it's in danger of becoming the stock answer from planning. We had the same on the Queen's Head until challenged by Cllr Schmitz. But it can't be true. Anything that is legally enshrined must surely be enforceable.



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