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Hi everyone

We need our sash windows replaced. They have a rounded top so would be best if they are wooden. However the cheapest quote we have has is £6.5k which is too much. Does anyone have any suggestions about how i can get them done cheaper? And ideally recommendations for companies to try?

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It depends on how many windows you are talking about? The least we were able to get 3 timber bay windows was in the region of £5K, and that excluded new boxes etc. Furthermore they were of the rectangular variety. We did go far and wide and got approximately 5-6 quotes. 

Thanks for this i eull have a look. It is for 3 windows 

Locally there’s PM Windows and Acorn. Both have lots of recs on HoL. They’ll charge between £1.6 and £2k for a rectangular bedroom size window. No doubt a rounded top will be more expensive. Going for cheap windows may well prove to be a false economy.

I’ll add a tag to your post so you can check out other threads. 

Thank you 

Do you know what wood you were quoted for? You want windows to be made out of a hardwood like Sapele, that is extremely durable. But expensive. We had ours done by Acorn and they are Sapele. 

Not sure which wood! Will have to look. Thanks!

I had a cheaper quote recently from Woodstock Joinery in Archway, which a friend had used and recommended. I decided to go with Acorn (more expensive) because of their insurance backed guarantee and better presentation/more info etc, but my friend didn't have any problems with Woodstock. (NB there is another Woodstock Joinery possibly in Enfield but I don't think they are connected.)

Thank you!!

I think Woodstock would definitely beat that quote for 3 windows. Or Acorn do refurbishment as well as replacement if you wanted to get a quote for that. 

Have you sourced a quote for getting them restored? Most carpenters do Sash window restoration

  • They're beyond restoration i think....

Worth getting a quote. I thought mine were beyond restoration but the carpenter did wonders.



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