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Hi - We are looking to re-do our main bathroom - mainly knocking together the toilet and bathroom into one room, tiling all, and installing a new bathroom suite. We have got a quote for the work only and seems a bit high. Wondered if anyone could give a view about what they paid and recommendations for anyone to do the work? Thanks!

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Hi Alice I  did exactly what you need on current refurbishment project. Feel free to call me on 078 7143 2282 and I will give you details to pop in and have a look.

Thanks Patrick 

Also call my recc Nick 079 6800 5086 Best Geraldine

Check out previous recommendations on this site for Kris Bierc. Excellent choice for quality & in my view price, but sensible to get your own quote directly.

Hi - we have just done our bathroom and loo on the first floor and the bathroom on the top floor. We used Simabuild (again - they’re brilliant). I also got a quote from a note tradesman recommended on here. Message me and we can talk prices, or you’d be welcome to come and see the work. 

We used Simabuild too. Momchil and his team were great. Message me if you want more details.

Aren't they! Momchil has done our kitchen and two bathrooms. Brilliant team. 

Hi all - Thanks for the recommendations. I've added you all as connections. I wonder if you could just give me a ballpark figure you paid for the installation (labour only) - by message? We have a quote from our builder and if it is in range then we might just go ahead (as they are already building the kitchen). If not then we might get other quotes (but don't want to waste anyone's time). Thank you!

Hello Alice,

I am looking for someone to completely redo my bathroom. I am wondering if you have found the good person for your project?

Many thanks, Valentine.

Probably wouldn't recommend my guys. It's good but the work to get there was stressful...

Thanks for your reply. Can you share the name (by private message if you prefer)? I do not want to choose the wrong guys!

around £7000 not  including the vanity unit, loo bathtub etc.

included light fitting, new waste pipe, extractor fan connection to loft, membrane proofing, new tiling, painting, decorating, electricity 

Hi Amira. Who did the job? Did you have a good experience? 




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