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Hello everyone 

I would really appreciate some advice. We have one of these jutting out bay window things at the back of our flat (not sure of the correct word for it).

The windows frames are rotting and the roof is leaking. Can anyone tell me who might be able to replace this all for me? Doi need a roofer and/or a window company?

Thanks in advance 

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If I were you, I’d get a roofer for the roof and a window guy for the windows. Some specialisms seem redundant. In this case it’s probably worth going with specialists. 

Thanks Hugh! Now i need to trawl through the posts to find recent recommendations for these trades people.

I’ve recently done likewise for our windows and came up with what I believe to be two local goodies. PM Windows and Acorn Windows. No recent experience of hiring a roofer. 

A thumbs up for Acorn Windows from me too. Windows are really great, attention to detail was noticeable compared to a bigger company I used a few years previously. More expensive but I think worth it. Painting done by them/their painting company was so-so but windows top notch.

Horncastle and sons on summerfield road just off Philip lane are really good. Used them twice now and always been happy with the result. 

Horncastle replaced our old roof .  Spanish slate is a bit more tricky (copper nails etc) but they did a really nice job.

To OP - you need to get that roof fixed, as water can get in the top and eventually cause damp in the kitchen walls, which ends up costing way more to get fixed



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