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I was wondering whether anyone can advis me about our blocked drain. We live in a victorian terrace in Seven Sisters and have a blocked outside drain that is connected to our kitchen sink and washing machine. It is flooding across the pavement outside and does not smell good. We have tried to pull out any stuff, got a long drain brush to check the main pipe running under house which is fine and put chemicals down.

Finally decided to call out Dyno Rod - who told us he could not do anything and that this drain is actually a pipe not linked to the main drain and was a soak away under the garden - that it would cost a lot to get it fixed and changed. My question is- does anyone know whether that would be right and that drains would be soakaway drains? Seems crazy!

Any advice on getting this fixed would be greatly appreciated.


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Good afternoon

I would phone the council as your property beeing victorian ,it has probably shared drains.

I used to live in Enfield,in a house dated before 1935 and it was the case,the council would therefore have it cleared free of charge.

I might be wrong in your case,but it is worth contacting them.



Thank you for your advice. Struggling to get hold of the right person at the council to check shared drainage. But thinking I am going to have to get quotes to reroute the drainage.
Thanks for your responses.



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