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Additional parking restrictions and road closures for the Finsbury Park concert 23/24 May 2014

 Further to my previous post - here is an undate from Haringey Council with some more detail


Finsbury Park will host two prestigious concerts when Sheffield band, Arctic Monkeys play to a crowd on 45,000 on the 23rd & 24th May 2014

From the outset of the planning process, the Parks Management Team and our partners have been making every effort to ensure that any negative impact on the neighbourhood and particularly local residents is kept to a minimum. We genuinely want to be good neighbours and to minimise disruption and inconvenience where ever possible and have taken on board comments made during the debriefing from last year’s concerts.

Please see below information relating to the concerts and measures we are putting in place to minimise noise.

The Concert Arena gates will open at 4pm, no acts will perform before 5.30pm and the concerts will finish at 10.30pm.

The first Sound check will be a low level test of the PA system as it is erected on the afternoon of Wednesday 21st May, between 4pm & 5.30pm. This will not be a full PA test, just a low level to ensure the equipment is working before safety rigging is connected. On Thursday 22nd May, there will be further intermittent low level audio tests to EQ and align the system between 12pm & 3pm followed by a concert level PA check between 3.30pm and 5pm. This test will allow engineers to check off site sound levels to ensure that the concert will operate within the levels dictated by licensing. This will be followed by the band carrying out a sound check between 5pm & 6.30pm.

On the two Showdays there will be a period allotted to sound check the support bands. This will be between 11am and 2pm with no more than 90 minutes of audible noise within that window.

We will be staffing a Community Information Hotline telephone service in case you wish to contact us for any reason. This will operate on the concert days from 3pm until 11.30pm. The telephone number for enquiries is 0208489 8232. Please be assured that we will do our very best to address any concerns. To assist us in answering any queries, you may be asked to provide your name and contact telephone number as subject to the nature of the enquiry, we may have to call you back.

We genuinely hope that there will be minimum disruption to you and your family and thank you in advance for patience and understanding.

SJM Concerts


What is the number of the Community Information hotline for the Arctic Monkeys Concerts?

0208489 8232.

The community information hotline number will provide residents with information or assist to address issues that arise. Operators will take details of the request/complaint and contact the appropriate department or contractor to action a response.

What travel Information is provided to customers attending the concert

All customers are informed of an Information Website with full travel advice http://www.gigsandtours.com/content/arctic-monkeys

What roads will be affected and when?

On both days of the event the following parking controls will be in operation within the London Borough of Haringey. Implementation of the Finsbury Park, B & C CPZs 8.30am to 8.30pm Extension of the operational hours of parking control from 6.30pm to 8.30pm in the following roads:-

Wightman Road Railway Approach Warham Road Pemberton Road Mattison   Road Duckett Road Cavendish Road Burgoyne Road

Umfreville Road Woolastone Road Atterbury Road Cyprus Close Salisbury   Road Kimberley Gardens Cleveland Gardens Chesterfield Gardens Doncaster   Gardens

Warwick Gardens Roseberry Gardens Devon Gardens Rutland Gardens Essex   Gardens Grafton Gardens Stanhope Gardens Portland Gardens Sussex Gardens


And extension of the operational days and hours in the following roads;

6.30pm and 8.30pm on Friday 23rd May

8:30am and 8:30pm on Saturday 24th May

Alroy Road, Conningsby Road, Endymion Road, Lothair Road North, Lothair Road South Tancred Road, Venetia Road, Green Lanes, between the Hackney borough boundary and Endymion Road This means on the days and times listed above, vehicles must not park in any residents/business parking bay on these roads unless they display a valid Green Lanes CPZ (GLA & GLB) permit or visitors’ permit.

For Islington, the Finsbury Park Concerts are very popular events and attract large crowds. Although we are encouraging everybody who attends the concerts to use public transport we are putting in place further parking controls to ensure that the lives of our residents are not disrupted by additional traffic.


The controls, which will be similar to those in place on Arsenal match days, are to act as a safeguard for residents. There will be additional enforcement patrols as the controlled parking hours will need to reflect arrival and departure times of concert goers. There will be no cost to those who already have a residents parking permit.

There will, unfortunately, be road closures so that the venue can be emptied quickly, efficiently and above all, safely. We do not plan to divert traffic along residential roads and all signed diversions will be on A-roads. We also aim to keep the duration of any closure as short as possible. To this end Islington are working with their colleagues in Haringey, Hackney, TfL and the emergency services to minimise any disruption caused by these events.

For Hackney “Parking restrictions within the London Borough of Hackney will remain as is. There will be no additional controls added during this event. The Council would like feedback from residents on whether their parking ability was impacted during this event. Please email consultparking@hackney.gov.uk for all feedback.

The following roads will be closed

Seven Sisters Road (between Hornsey Road and Green Lanes) and Stroud Green Road (between Seven Sisters Road and Morris Place) will be closed between 10pm and11.30pm. This is to ensure the safe egress of public leaving the park. The roads will be closed at the following junctions

Jct Seven Sisters Rd/ Hornsey Rd

Jct Seven Sister Rd/ Blackstock Rd

Jct Seven Sisters Rd/ Finsbury Park Rd

Jct Seven Sitsers Rd/ Wilberforce Rd

Jct Seven Sisters Rd/ Queens Drive

Jct Seven Sisters Rd/ Alexandra Grove

Jct Seven Sisters Rd/ Portland Rise

Jct Seven Sisters Rd/ Green Lanes

Jct Seven Sisters Road/ Seven Sisters Road

Jct Fonthil Rd/ Wells Terrace

Jct Fonthil Rd/ Lennox Rd

Jct Stroud Green Road/ Morris Place

Vehicles should follow the appropriate temporary diversion signage.

What if road closures affect access to my property? Marshalls will be in place to facilitate residents’ access to roads affected by the closures.

Will the concert affect public transport?

Unfortunately yes, the road closures listed above will have an effect on the Buses as they will have to be diverted. On both Showdays, Finsbury Park & Manor House stations will be heavily congested from 10pm as a large number of the customers attending the concert will use these stations.

What measures are being taken to stop people parking in the residential areas surrounding the park? Concert visitors have been advised that there is no parking in the area around Finsbury Park and they should plan their route using public transport. Cones and signage will be positioned at the entry roads to surrounding residential areas to reinforce the restrictions on concert traffic parking. CPZ match/ event day parking controls will operate as necessary.

Who should I contact if vehicles are blocking my drive/access to my home or business?

The Community Information Hotline – 0208489 8232.

Is there a cleansing operation in place for areas outside the park?

Yes – the Local Authorities are working with the concert promoters to provide a full cleansing service to the surrounding area for the period of the event. The proposed area is much larger than last year’s event.

Who should I contact if I want to report issues to do with litter or street cleansing as a result of the concert? The Community Information Hotline – 0208489 8232.

Will I be able to use the rest of the park, and if so, will it be safe?

Yes – the rest of the park is open as normal. Additional security measures are being put in place across the period of the concert with a number of security personnel assigned to the area.

The construction for the event will commence on the 16th May and will leave the park on the 29th May. So please be aware of increased construction traffic and work in the park. There is a more detailed information section regarding this on the council website www. haringey.gov.uk/finsburyparkevents

On the 23rd & 24th May Oxford Road Gate will be closed from 4pm and the park will be closed to all public vehicles and parking - with the exception of disabled badge holders and permit holders The exit at the end of the events will be via Finsbury Gate, Seven Sisters Road Gate and Manor House Gate only. There will be no exit from any other gates

What has been done to address certain elements of anti-social behaviour witnessed at other events?

The provision of toilets has been increased outside of the arena so people can use these both before and after the concert. Even though the inside of the arena had more toilets than the government guides suggested last year, these have also been increased with additional urinals.

Who should I contact if I want to complain about noise from the concert?

The Community Information Hotline – 0208489 8232.

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Prestigious concerts? Who writes this drivel?


The short answer will be a well-paid PR employee or Council Spin Doctor. It's a selling role.

If we are customers (as the council sometimes tells us) then are they not Sales Assistants?!

On whom do these "prestige concerts" reflect prestige ?

Surely this Council Spin does not reflect prestige on the Labour Cabinet Executive's Finsbury Park Concerts Policy?

am a prospective councillor candidate
Highgate Ward | Liberal Democrat Party

Tris, I agree, a very sensible approach. My post is simply inform residents of the arrangements which will be put in place. It goes without saying this I will continue to post information that residents need and feed back to the council so that the problems that occurred last year are not.

TRIS, we must all hope that the forthcoming event attracts more prestige than the last, similar-sized Stone Roses Concert. For many local residents, little prestige attached to that event:

Stone Roses: where did it all go so wrong

Fury at chaos during Stone Roses gigs in Finsbury Park

Stone Roses gigs blamed for huge crime rise in Finsbury Park

Plans for more Finsbury Park concerts ‘horrify’ residents and counc...

You may have missed the political aspects of the proposed five, three-day musical festivals: it was a decision of the Council Cabinet Executive, which decision, following residents' genuine concern, was Called In by local Councillors. If you attended the  January Scrutiny Committee meeting you might have seen the farce and insult.

Is there anybody amongst our elected and prospective representatives who is doing something to influence this and actively represent the views and concerns of residents?

Yes, Stroud Green Ward's elected Liberal Democrat Councillors who, though not members of the Scrutiny Committee, made sensible, reasonable suggestions for compromise at that Meeting – they were disregarded.

Any advertising blandishments for the new gig should properly be left to Licencees, rather than to the Licensing Authority. It is not appropriate for any boosting promotion to come either from Local Government  – or to be retailed by an arm of Local Government.

This is what happens when there is conflict of interest, when the council deals with "partners" and why some residents have little confidence about the Licensing of next year's mega-concerts.

am a prospective councillor candidate
Highgate Ward | Liberal Democrat Party



I noticed for the Wireless Festival in July the organisers own website shows no cleaning planned for the streets North of the park.

The Passage doesn't feature at all.  This has to be a major oversight as it was like a pubic urinal last time.  Do they not think people will walk to Turnpike Lane so as to avoid the queues at Manor House & Finsbury Park?

Cleaning Map

Who's playing?
Groan. #notgoing
Oh. I don't go to Finsbury Park anyway.
# plebs
Home brew?

Artisanal and organic and certified no GM riffs?



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