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Action we can take to encourage control of betting shops in Green Lanes?

I'm just collecting threads together here about levers we might use to control the number of betting shops in Green Lanes (not banish....control). Three possibilities have been identified:

1. Asking our MP, David Lammy to press fro change in the 2005 Gambling Act.
There's a thread on this encouraging a letter writing campaign to David Lammy.

2. Using the Sustainable Communities Act as they're trying in Hackney and Lewisham.
This was identified and posted about with the thread above. (By the way I've had no response from the Green Party.)

3. Using Saturation Zones as they're doing in Hackney, as suggested in another thread.

So it seems that there might be specific things our representatives may be able to press for. One of us can write and ask for a official response on this from Haringey. Any other ideas about how we might use these levers.

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