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I should avoid Wightman Rd for a bit.

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I’d hate to live in whatever country of snitches and oppression you live in. I love our free speech, especially when exercised by sensible posters who don’t post insensitive pictures. 

Sure you do.. until it effects you.

I witnessed the whole thing; the driver hit a tree and that made the car flip. The young man who was driving the car incredibly was completely fine, extremely lucky boy. He climbed out of the window straight away with no injuries. No other passengers and no one else (cyclist or pedestrian) was hurt thankfully. 

That’s a relief. How fast was he going?

Forget the driver. Is the tree ok?

For  what it's worth, Wightman Rd is still closed. Sorry, no photo available.

Wightman Rd open again.

Got a photo John?


Shocking. What sort of speed do you have to maintain to achieve this? I also looked up the vehicle and it had an expired MOT, so clearly not the safest pair of hands this guy. Hope he’s learned his lesson.

Driving carelessly enough to hit a tree, probably too fast, and with an expired MOT, well well.  less of the bleeding heart and let's be grateful there were no pedestrians or cyclists around at the time that could have been taken out in the carnage.  Pure luck.

Now who the hell needs trees on our Bundesautobahn? I'm sure the young man was not exceeding the advisory 130kmph. 



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