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Dear members of Harringay Online.

I'm your neighbour from Sydney Road on Harringay Ladder. Our left-hand-drive Mitsubishi ASX with a Ukrainian plate number was stolen at 11 pm on the 2nd of October from Sydney Road.

If anyone has access to the cameras facing the Ladder streets, could you check please, if there was any footage of the car from 11 pm onwards on that day. We're trying to find it, we desparately need it.

Only a month ago we brought it from Ukraine, wanted to sell it as I got redundant and we rent privately. The rent is about 2k per month, so we needed the money. We come from Kharkiv, the very eastern city in Ukraine which is being shelled every single day by Russians, therefore can't go back home :( We also have a 7 year old son. 

Please, please, if you could just check the footage, we appreciate any information.

Thanks for reading this message.

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Very sorry to read about this. I imagine that was about the last thing you needed. I very much hope that your car turns up. 

Keep my fingers crossed :( 
The only thing left is just hope

A very nice car A



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