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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Thanks to HoL member Mr M who sent me a link to this video.

I don't vouch for all the presenter's historical factlets. But if you can live with that uncertainty, it's a relatively entertaining video.

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I came across that this morning and saved it. Looks good!

Jools has done great walks around London, and as with this one, there is always something interesting I didn't know about. I highly recommend John Rogers walks, really well presented.

It would be great to have a walk like this put together by Deborah and the team at Bruce Castle. The breadth and depth of their knowledge about every facet of Tottenham’s history is astounding. Someone boning up on the history seems superficial in comparison, but I can see how people would be pleased by his entertaining ways. 

It's a shame Jools didn't go a bit further north at Spurs to see the well restored old houses, including London's oldest semi. Also the interior of the Spurs Shop with the re- located building frontages.

Absolutely great programme. Better than any TV production company could do.

When he showed the tall chimney behind the old Town Hall/  OLD Swimming baths area he thought it was linked to the Larger Brewery. Sureley it is part of the old municipal heating system ?  It might even still be in use now as that too ???

Spot on old chap. TTFN

Brilliant! Thank you Hugh - another HoL gift!



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