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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Looks a bit barren, the trees seem OK though , for the mo..

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What drone are you using? Im thinking about getting a small Mavic.

Hi, these were done with a Mini2, I love it. The Mini 3 Pro is a big step up but way more expensive. Get in touch if you would like a chat about them.

I was looking at the mini 2, looks like great value and you can fly it without having to get a licence etc.

What kind of flight times do you get out of it? The camera quality looks great! 

Mini2 is a great thing, 25 mins flight time is easy but it depends on how far you want to fly. It calculates when it needs to come back , based on remaining power vs distance back to launch point. 4K photos are excellent, I have had an A2 print done from a video frame and the resolution is very good. It  is easy enough to fly but the challenge is in getting nice smooth video and becoming comfortable with the 5 degrees of control when flying, but, that's half the fun .

Thanks, that's really helpful; the only bit I'm not certain about is what you mean by five degrees of control? 

Left/right, up/down, backwards/forward, rotate, gimbal angle. All take a bit of mastering to get smooth video. 

Just like France on recent TV reports.

Notice the trees in church yard opposite are going brown

Fingers crossed for reports of rain early next week

Passed Finsbury Park on Monday. Noticed a Water browser been drive into Park 



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